Frequently Asked Questions:

The benefits of the IRDMP/Certified Website Program are to provide Retailers with:

  • Choice between multiple website solution providers
  • A Shared Platform with a single integration point for assets, data and analysis insights
  • Website Costs at or below your current monthly package pricing
  • Service improvements and platform support through your dedicated INFINITI Technical Strategist

Your INFINITI Technical Strategist (ITS) offers inbound and outbound phone and email support functions as a one-stop-shop for any program related inquiries. Our ITS support team manages all Retailer questions and can assist with site updates regardless of vendor platform. Services that your ITS can provide include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Creative creation (Webtiles, landing pages, etc.)
  • Website updates
  • Compliance submission assistance
  • Product and provider experts
  • Billing assistance
  • Reporting and analytics

Retailers will need to select a website provider along with their package and features to determine their monthly website costs. Retailers should review the website providers on the Website Providers Page and are encouraged to contact their ITS with specific provider questions. To select a provider and package visit the Enroll Now Page.

New Retailers or Retailers going through a buy sell will be entered into the queue as soon as a they submit their provider selection through the website portal. New open points and buy sells are prioritized in the website provider’s queue, however new Retailers are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible.

Retailers that are making a provider change will be entered into the queue based on the standard billing rules (see below).

There are no long-term contracts in the INFINITI Retailer Digital Marketing Program, with provider services offered on a month-by-month basis in order for Retailers to have the greatest flexibility.

If a Retailer wishes to migrate to a different certified provider, they will need to either contact their ITS or visit the website portal to make their provider and package selections.

Cost adjustments based on the new provider selection will be made per the billing cycle outlined below.

Retailers will retain their dedicated ITSs for support and reporting through the INFINITI Retailer Digital Marketing Program regardless of what website provider they select.

The INFINITI Retailer Digital Program has no long-term contracts and will be billed to you directly from Shift Digital each month.

Products cancelled on or before the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the month. Products cancelled after the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the following month.

Retailers will be billed directly by Shift Digital and no longer via their INFINITI Part’s Statement. Retailers will be responsible for paying their website products and services invoices the month prior to when the services occur. Retailers that choose to enroll in digital advertising services will pay their actual media amount spent (plus management fees) the month after those services occur.

Retailers will be responsible for providing their ITS with the appropriate billing contact at their store and with a Credit Card or ACH payment method. While it is not preferred that Retailers pay by check, Retailers that require a check payment will still need to provide Shift Digital with a Credit Card or ACH payment method as back up.

Retailers will receive notification of when their payment method will be charged 2 days prior to the Invoice going out. Retailers should expect to receive invoices on the 20th of every month for the next month’s Website Services and the previous month’s Digital Advertising services (if applicable).

Retailers that do not pay their invoices 10 days after receiving them are at risk of having their website and services turned off.

Retailers that have additional questions around the new billing process should contact their ITS or the INFINITI Digital Support team at or 833-283-7206.

Retailers are responsible for managing any websites/services outside of the INFINITI Retailer Digital Program. Not enrolling in the Certified Website Program will be considered non-compliance with the INFINITI Retailer Advertising Program (IRAP).

No. As in the past, the Retailer is ultimately responsible for web content and encouraged to submit changes to their sites to Ansira regularly for pre-approval. Retailers that wish to submit content via their ITS are encouraged to do so, but are responsible for notifying their ITS when content needs to be submitted.

Please reach out to your ITS directly or contact the ITS Support Team at 833-283-7206 or

For more information on CRM Providers and how to enroll, please reach out to your ITS directly or contact the ITS Support Team at 833-283-7206 or

Approved Providers:

  • ADP
  • Advent
  • ASN
  • Automate
  • AutoNation
  • AVV
  • CarResearch
  • CDK
  • DealerPeak
  • DealerSocket
  • Dominion Vision
  • DriveCentric
  • e-PulseTrak
  • eLead
  • ELI
  • Higher Gear
  • iCarMagic
  • LIS
  • Momentum
  • Oplogic
  • ProMax
  • Reynolds
  • THGG
  • Vin Solutions
  • Votenza