E-Commerce Solutions

Today’s consumers prefer to purchase most products online, and many expect the same buying options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Your dealership can help facilitate an online buying experience by using a Certified E-Commerce tool on your website.

The INFINITI E-Commerce program allows consumers to complete an end-to-end vehicle purchasing process on your website. The INFINITI Retailer Digital Marketing Program (IRDMP) offers five seamless and robust E-Commerce provider solutions for online retailing, creating a smooth and easy car buying experience.


More Leads

  • Retailers using a Certified E-Commerce tool see a 68% higher lead volume versus Retailers not enrolled in E-Commerce.

More Appointments

  • Retailers who utilize most steps of the E-Commerce customer journey have a higher average E-Commerce Appointment Rate.

More Credit Applications

  • Retailers who utilize most steps of the E-Commerce customer journey have a higher average E-Commerce Credit Application volume.
  • 19% higher customer loyalty when bookings are completed through INFINITI Financial Services than another lender.

More Sales

  • Successful Retailers using E-Commerce see an average 8.5% Close Rate


Discounted Package Pricing

Retailer Choice

  • Five Certified INFINITI providers to choose from

Seamless Integrations with INFINITI Solutions

  • IRDMP Websites
  • Integrated Accessories Catalog
  • NESNA F&I Products and Services
  • Enterprise Lead Management System

Direct Integration with INFINITI Financial Services

  • Ability to display both Special and Standard Rates
  • Instant Finance Decisioning through DealerTrack

Tier 1 Messaging and Branding

  • Exclusive E-Commerce designation on infinitiusa.com
  • Access to INFINITI E-Commerce branded content
  • Inclusion in future media and marketing strategies

Streamlined Analytics

  • Reporting in the INSIGHT Analytics Dashboard

Advertising Program Compliance

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E-Commerce Providers

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